The Basics of Hiring Tree Removal Experts

The Basics of Hiring Tree Removal Experts


The process of tree removal begins with cutting the branches, then moving down to the trunk and stump. An experienced tree removal expert will know the proper methods of removing a tree and the fastest way to do so. They will also make sure that your property is cleared of debris before the removal begins. The process can be dangerous, but highly trained professionals will be able to safely remove any tree.


When it comes to safety, tree removal experts must meet the highest standards. This means wearing safety gear, following strict regulations, and more. These guidelines are detailed in the OSHA standards for tree removal professionals. For example, they must always assume that power lines are grounded or de-energized, and they must contact the utility company prior to starting work. Other safety tips are also detailed in the regulations.

An advanced notice of proposed rulemaking was originally issued by OSHA in 2008 to develop a safety standard for tree care companies. This proposal was eventually dropped from OSHA’s regulatory agenda due to insufficient funding, but it has since resurfaced. The agency has also called for a Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act panel to examine tree care safety.


Tree removal is one of the most technical tasks in property maintenance and requires highly qualified professionals. This type of work is challenging, especially in urban landscapes. Trees in neighborhoods are often surrounded by valuable structures or plantings, and removal requires highly trained personnel and state-of-the-art machinery. The exact type of equipment that is needed will depend on the size of the tree and its branch architecture.

Experienced tree removal companies should have a solid reputation in the area. Check online for reviews to find out what kind of service you can expect. Also, choose a company that is ISA certified. This certification will show that the company is a professional and adheres to standards for tree care.


The cost of hiring tree removal experts is often determined by the size and type of tree, and the difficulty of the job. The average homeowner is unable to safely and effectively remove a large tree. However, a professional crew can safely remove a small tree within an hour or two. This means fewer workers are needed, and a smaller bill will result.

Tree removal experts may also charge extra for travel expenses and driving time. Some will even bring a machine to split logs, which can be a nice extra. These extra services may cost an extra $75.


Before you can work in the tree removal business, you must be licensed. There are a number of steps that you must take to get this license. First, you need to fill out a Tree Removal Licensing Application. Once you have completed this form, you will need to submit it to the Board.

A tree removal expert will be able to offer a variety of services. This includes tree establishment, tree maintenance, tree care, and tree removal. Additionally, they can offer services such as cabling and stump grinding. They can also provide tree management during a site development project. Obtaining a license means you can be sure that the work you do will be safe and of high quality. In addition, you will have to pass an exam to maintain your license.


Tree removal and tree trimming companies face many risks, so they need to have the right insurance to protect themselves. One of the best insurance options for this type of business is an umbrella liability insurance policy, which covers all types of liability claims. This type of insurance can protect a company from large claims and thousands of dollars in losses.

Another important insurance option for tree removal experts is workers’ compensation insurance. This type of insurance protects the contractor and homeowner from financial losses due to an employee’s injury on the job. Workplace injuries are the most costly types of claims a tree removal service can face.

Cost of hiring a tree removal company

The cost of hiring a tree removal expert varies widely, and is directly related to the type and size of the tree. A tree with a large trunk is more difficult to remove and will require more work, thus increasing the overall cost. Another factor that affects the cost of removing a tree is its location. Tree removal is generally more expensive in large cities than in smaller towns. In addition, many companies charge per foot of height, so a tree that is less than 30 feet tall will be less expensive than a tree that is more than 30 feet tall.

If you need to have a large tree removed, you should expect to pay between $30 and $150 per hour. This cost can increase or decrease depending on the type of tree and the distance that the removal company must travel. Tree removal professionals may also charge an additional fee for travel expenses. However, this fee is not included in the final bill.


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